SHERITA CEASAR was selected as Technologist of the Year

Apple released the iPod, which became the most popular MP3 player in history.

Wikipedia was launched. It now has more than 17 million articles written by volunteers around the world.

According to 2001 Current Population Survey data, one out of ten employed engineers was a woman, while two of ten employed engineering technologists and technicians were women.

Among engineering specialties, industrial, chemical, and metallurgical/materials engineers were the only occupations in which women were more highly represented than the overall percent of total women engineers.

Women made up 17 percent of all industrial engineers, 12 percent of metallurgical/metal engineers, and 11.5 percent of chemical engineers.

Among all other engineering specialties–aerospace, mining, petroleum, nuclear, agricultural, civil, electrical or electronic, mechanical, marine, or naval architects–women represented fewer than 11 percent.